Back to blog 11. 08. 2016

How to create truly original bespoke furnishings

If you’re longing to create a truly original look for your home then why not discover interior design pieces that are highly bespoke and created just for you? Originality is the very pinnacle of luxury in 2016. The trend defies old definitions, replacing conspicuous branding with original products, which use meticulous craftsmanship and the finest materials.

Our interior design services work with clients to achieve highly luxurious interior design finishes, which exude originality into their homes. There are so many wonderful ways to achieve a bespoke look, from personalised logos on linens to creating signature colour schemes for rugs and soft furnishings. Or, how about commissioning an exciting contemporary artist to create original paintings? This is such a lovely way to inject colour and atmosphere into a room. As a studio that is passionate about art, we often suggest artworks and artists to our clients.

We want to share a couple of hints to facilitate the creation of your own dream home. So how about exploring particular brands? One of the companies we love working with is Heirloom. Bringing half a century of experience in producing fine furniture, this wonderful company can create completely bespoke kitchens designed and built using a choice of the finest materials. Imagine American walnut balanced by the finest stone and marble. And the best bit – none of your visitors will have ever seen a kitchen quite like yours, because it will be 100% bespoke and designed just for you. We’re also great advocates of Molteni Home. Their exquisite throws and bed linens can be created in signature colours and styles.