Creating the interior design project

The first phase is to visualise how we will furnish and decorate your property and create an interior design plan.

Once we receive your enquiry via our contact form, e-mail or by telephone, we will arrange an initial consultation meeting at your home. During the meeting, our senior interior designer will discuss how your new property can best reflect your lifestyle, personal needs and taste.

We will work with you to define your desired style, favoured furnishings and colour schemes.

We will agree on your budget for furnishings, and set a deadline for completion. We will then propose fees and a standard contract for your consideration.

You are welcome to visit our studio on Baker Street, Weybridge, where we have a wide range of exclusive fabrics and materials to browse over.

Once the contract for our interior design services is signed, our team, including an interior designer and project manager, will begin to execute an impeccable interior design project, delivered to the highest standard.

  • 1 We will measure all rooms and windows in your property and take the necessary photographs required to begin the project.
  • 2 We will then meet at our studio to present you with the concept, including suggested furniture and lighting, fabrics for curtains and upholstery, wallpapers and accessories. All materials selected will be set to your budget. We will listen carefully to your suggestions and implement them in the next phase. You should reserve approximately 2 days for this meeting.
  • 3 2-3 weeks later we will meet at our studio to present you with AutoCAD plans, including a list of all furniture and lighting products for the entire property and material mood boards for each room. This is an opportunity for you to make any changes to the plans, which we will alter according to your requirements. You should reserve 1 day for this meeting.
  • 4 We will meet again at our studio in 2 -3 weeks to present the final design and AutoCAD plans (including all of your required changes), 3D design visualisation for selected rooms, a material specification book and a detailed price estimate. The project will then be ready to proceed to realisation. You should reserve 1 day for this meeting.
  • 5 Once you have confirmed the project and the contract for realisation is signed, production will begin.