Back to blog 12. 08. 2016

Tips for styling outdoor spaces

As an interior design studio that specialises in working on exclusive Mediterranean holiday homes, one of our passions is for styling outdoor spaces. At Taylor Interiors, we believe exterior living areas are fundamental to the completed look, especially when warm climates mean our clients spend as much time living outdoors as they do indoors.

We wanted to share some hints and tips on styling. The first thing is to consider exactly how you will want to use your exterior spaces. Will they be predominantly for relaxing or also entertaining? Are you hoping to create the ultimate couples haven for romantic dining and picnics? And do you require family areas with fun accessories for children? Do you wish to dine outside and how many guests will you need to seat? Would you like the ability to cook outdoors too, which would require a barbeque, outdoor oven or fully integrated kitchen?

These are the types of questions we ask our clients when they embark on an interior design journey with us. We create plans for dining and entertaining spaces that cater for large parties, but also intimate areas for couples and small family dinners. We always ensure that every part of the design feels cohesive, so spaces flow into one another.

We not only consider the visual impact but also functionality. We suggest choosing hardwearing, durable fabrics. We love balancing the colours, textures and patterns of the surrounding natural landscapes with furniture and fittings, such as a deep cyan to match the ocean or copper and brass to bring out tones of the beach.

There are brands we call on time and time again for their exquisite furniture that experiments with unique shapes and styles. Kettal Manutti and Vondom are all producing the finest furniture for outdoor spaces so style is not compromised outdoors.