Back to blog 12. 08. 2016

Rugs become the centrepiece

When it comes to creating luxurious, trend-defining interior design looks for exclusive properties; Taylor Interiors is always experimenting with new ways to achieve something special. For sitting and dining rooms, we look for show-stopping design pieces and atmospheric accessories to create particular moods and looks.

Rugs were often considered an accessory, to be largely unnoticed among furnishings. But, they’re no longer considered just an addition to a room, rugs have become the centerpiece and so beautifully created they are considered an artwork.

We work directly with a new breed of designer-makers, like London’s Matthew Walles and Sahrai. These wonderful companies offer the freedom and ability to work directly with clients to create rugs that are truly original by using unique colour combinations and styles. Woven into vibrant and intricate patterns, using painterly techniques that take their inspiration from natural landscapes and the work of fine artists. Clients can decide their own palettes and styles so a rug can form the basis for whole new interior looks, or enhance already decided styles.

Exploring rugs with our clients and creating completely bespoke ideas is the perfect way to unleash creative inspiration and explore colour and pattern in new ways. Woven in silk mixes, these rugs use luxurious materials, which are delicate yet durable, rich and sumptuous, so a rug can not only look exquisite but also be hardwearing enough to look fabulous for years to come.