Back to blog 03. 09. 2016

Smoked and tinted glass and mirrors

When we consider accessories to complete our interior design projects, we always call on mirrors for their ability to accentuate rooms, making them feel grander and larger and for the subtle way they illuminate spaces with different lighting moods.

Mirror design trends are being redefined in 2016. Smoked and tinted looks are taking precedence and we have highlighted these finishes as a key interior design look for 2016. The ability to tint glass into subtle hues that can contrast with colour schemes and furniture is an exciting style with a retro influence seen repeated by mirror product designers.

 Much like the smoked mirrors of the 1960s that can still be purchased in antique auctions, the subtle colours of smoke and tints add warmth, are always flattering and can create special atmospheres.

 Glass is going smoky too and this is seen in new designs for tabletops, dressing table mirrors and cabinets. We are madly, truly, deeply in love with mirrors by Arte Veneziana. These masters of Venecian mirror-making apply their mirrors to furniture, doors, bathrooms and accessories in their chic 100% Italian range. They are a company we return to time again when we’re seeking something extraordinary and extra special for one of our luxurious interior design projects.