Back to blog 03. 09. 2016

Hand-painted wallpapers inspired by the past

There are so many beautiful trends in luxury interior design for 2016, but one we’re particularly excited about is the burgeoning popularity of exquisite hand-painted wallpapers.

Plain painted walls that create a minimalist look are no longer en vogue. Instead, sumptuous wallpapers are popular, decorated with delicately intricate patterns. The design inspiration for these trending wallpapers is very much weighted in the past and in traditional interior design.

The hand-painted finish ensures each paper is bespoke. The quality of the craftsmanship is peerless, using the finest details in the drawings and painterly patterns. Hand painting also creates a product that is completely unique and full of personality because each piece is individually created. And while the designs may not have changed drastically for over two centuries, the look of this antique art is utterly contemporary, with a timeless, bygone quality that manages to look perfectly modern in 2016.

Double-weight silk wallpapers from China are particularly special, painted with embroidery patterning, Japanese motifs like flora and fauna and oriental designs are all making a striking impact on the world’s most stylish homes. Bold patterns and textures from shimmering metallics to flock papers are also popular.

There are companies we always call on for their exquisite wallpapers that use the finest detail. The range from de Gournay is perfectly created, each one an artwork made by their expert team of artisans, who reinterpret their client’s desires into something entirely unique. Griffin & Wong have a collection of 25 hand-painted silk wallpaper designs, created by their small team of master craftsmen. The themes find their inspiration in turn-of-the-century mansions and oriental design.  At Taylor Interiors we believe in the ability of wallpaper to enhance luxurious interior design concepts to create exquisite looks for the finest homes.