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Porcelanosa Award Winning Bathroom

Taylor Interiors have been fortunate enough to have been nominated for Bathroom of the Year with Porcelanosa products.

After accumulating two awards and numerous nominations in the 2015 edition of Design et al, the London design studio Taylor Interiors has returned with force in the 2016 edition of the International Design and Architecture Awards organised but the magazine Design et Al. On this occasion the nominations have come from the elegant remodelling of a home in the centre of London thus being nominated for the Best Bathroom of the Year. In order to get the designs of these bathrooms as a combination of excellent style and sophistication, Taylor Interiors has chosen an ample range of products and materials from the Porcelanosa Group who provide cutting-edge design and high quality project complete their luxury interior project with the upmost elegancy.


The challenge facing Taylor Interiors in this project was the complete demolition of the old bathroom in the home in London and converting this to an open space with natural lighting. They opted for an integral change in their distributers as well as a renovation of all the installations. Considering that a bathroom is an elegant space Taylor Interiors opted for a ceramic Rhin Taupe from Venis and porcelain stoneware in intense grey. As for coatings, we chose the ceramic coating generally decorated in Suede Taupe also with a Venis signature. For the shower area and the toilet the change that Taylor Interiors selected was the Glacier Mosaic in Moon Diamond White, a mosaic with a vitreous white and a finish from L’Antic Clonial. With an interior design twist this design studio has combined Porcelanosa coatings in areas also using Jessica Zoob art work converted it wallpaper and has created a rich mix of these styles.

The bathroom equipment of the hosue in Drayton Gardens comes largely from an order of the Porcelanosa group such as Noken, Gamadecor, Butech o Systempool. Noken offers elegance in the bathrooms in Drayton and has been used extensively. The bathroom furniture in in change a creation from Gramadecor combined with the double model Next with a worktop made  from the compact mineral Krionin Solid Surafce which 180cm made to measure.

Taylor Interiors also include a shower plate which is from Butech. This is constructed from the Concept system for solely ceramic shower plates the measurements for this are 120x120. Butech was also used for decorative profiles which looks like their version of the Pro-Mate 5 with Swarovski crystals.

For their elegancy, practicality and homogenisation of space which alludes to the space as ample, this bathroom has been included as one of the best bathrooms for the 2016 Design and Architecture Awards Design et Al.

Translation : Caroline Blamire BA (hons)