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To feature or not to feature that is the question?

A question regularly cropping up in the world of interior design is one of feature walls. This blog post seeks to answer the following; are feature walls a thing of the past?

Feature walls can bring lots of assets to interiors providing a break in the colour scheme and adding an element of modernity to every room they are used in.

What is crucial to note is that in previous trends, feature walls have often seen elaborate and intricate patterns with bold colour schemes - this is the change. Here at Taylor Interiors, we dont believe that the feature wall is something of the past but an element that should be treated with careful consideration.

A key dilemma to a feature wall is that interior trends are constantly changing. Colours and fabrics are here today and gone tomorrow so if you opt for a feature wall, we recommend picking a wallpaper which stands the test of time.

This feature wall in our Project Vila Ascot is the perfect choice. It is composed of a soft print and neautral colour scheme giving a soothing element essential in a bedroom.

Do not be afraid to add a feature wall to your rooms yet keep in mind choose a classic print with neutral colours for timeless interiors. 

If you have enjoyed this blog post or would like to know where any of the items in this room are from let us know. We would love to hear some feedback!