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KEMPINSKI Residences

About project


One of the last renovation in luxury interior design compiled by Igor Rebosio and Federico Spagnulo is the Kempinski Residences in St. Moritz, a five star structure that is part of the Kempinski Hotel.

The complex consists of the hotel, built in 1850, and of a residential part, the Kempinski Residences in St. Moritz, made in 2007: a set of buildings, located in historic center. The apartments, with luxurious interiors of various sizes, represent a new concept of vacation, relax and wellness, a hospitality that a normal hotel’s room is not able to offer.

The project, while maintaining a very contemporary design, is compared with the material culture of the place. Clean and modern lines blend with materials and finishes typical of the Engadina’s mountains, like brushed wooden panels obtained by the use of old techniques in making mountain’s furniture.

This luxury interior design is linked to innovation and craftsmanship, underlined in precious materials, elegant fabrics (all strictly natural) in warm shades and typical mountain’s accessories.

All the furniture was by Lema Contract with whom Rebosio+Spagnulo has collaborated very closely redesigning most of the pieces. The studio  has set targets, process, philosophy and budget of the all-inclusive design project.

“Our design projects of luxurious interiors, such as the Kempinski Residences in St. Moritz, are conceived for top clients and are developed in a very exclusive location resort”, says the architect Federico Spagnulo. “An idea of ​​luxury made of morphological innovation with exclusive details and great care in crafting. In this sense, I consider the luxury as a very complex car, not only made of image and brands but also of great work and effort. Many different entities and their own expertise contribute in the search for perfection. The difference consists in the knowledge and the competence”.

Type of Project: Serviced apartments
Size Data: 2.800 sqm
Special Features: FF&E + costum-made furnishing + lighthing design
Services: Turnkey interior design project 

Copyright: © I. Rebosio, F. Spagnulo