Superb art deco apartment in Westminster

About project

This Art Deco style three-bedroom apartment is characterized by rich colors, Art Deco furniture, wall coverings and fixtures. Located in the heart of London, this hotel is just a 5-minute walk from the city center.

A unique and glamorous feel is created in the living area using signature symmetrical designs with complex paneling, brass elements and a combination of materials including antique mirror, leather upholstery, silks and velvets. Yvette Taylor Interiors designed this living area's centerpiece - the bespoke fireplace made with backlit alabaster providing warm light and calming atmosphere.

In the master bedroom, a custom-made headboard part of the complex room panel with a brass frame, using a combination of brass, mirror and leather is a true statement alongside the bespoke console table created to match the design of the paneling seamlessly. Many textures and materials such as velvet, leather, satin and silk are used to create a warm and inviting ambience. The Gingko leaves are decorated with silk and hand painted with Gingko leaves using the gold leaf painting, the main feature of the room - the Gingko leaf motif chandelier by Glass & Glass.